Richard Jones (director)

 renaissance guitar, recorders,

viols & reed instruments,

maker of viols




Vivien Jones 

 recorders, viols, harp &

reed instruments,

programme wruter & designer



Barbara Gibson

soprano voice, recorders and percussion





Adriana Skaraas

soprano voice and percussion








with the addition of other specialist players from time to time,

and actors or readers where required




The Viols : made by Richard Jones, based on the earliest extant instrument - made in Venice by Francesco Linarol c 1540 - currently in the Kunthshistoriche Museum in Vienna. The viols have no sound post and their soundboards are bent rather than carved. They are gut strung throughout and have a plangent tone well suited to the repertoire of the 16th century.







The Recorders : all the recorders are copies of one-piece renaissance instruments, made by John Cousen in Huddersfield and Adriana Breukink in Holland, and range from the tiny garklein-flotlein (about 6 inches) to the quart-bass (about five feet) with all sizes in between.



playing at Scone Palce


Curtal playing at Scone Palace