Richard Jones (director)

 renaissance guitar, recorders,

viols & reed instruments,

maker of viols




Vivien Jones 

 recorders, viols, harp &

reed instruments,

programme wruter & designer



Barbara Gibson

soprano voice, recorders and percussion














with the addition of other specialist players from time to time,

and actors or readers where required




The Viols : made by Richard Jones, based on the earliest extant instrument - made in Venice by Francesco Linarol c 1540 - currently in the Kunthshistoriche Museum in Vienna. The viols have no sound post and their soundboards are bent rather than carved. They are gut strung throughout and have a plangent tone well suited to the repertoire of the 16th century.







The Recorders : all the recorders are copies of one-piece renaissance instruments, made by John Cousen in Huddersfield and Adriana Breukink in Holland, and range from the tiny garklein-flotlein (about 6 inches) to the quart-bass (about five feet) with all sizes in between.



playing at Scone Palce


Curtal playing at Scone Palace