'Our Most Special Servant'


David Riccio - hero or villain ? Or perhaps, like most of us, a bit of both ?

Our new concert for 2024 takes a look at the life of a man much vilified at the time, but who earned the description 'Our Most Special Servant' from his Queen,

Mary Stuart. In music of the time and with a newly contrived text, we set out to take a close look at a man

much loved and hated.

Wigtown Book Festival 2023


Sunday October 1st

Sacred Heart Church

1.30 pm 

A Wedding in Ferrara - 1502


Isabella d'Este and Lucretia Borgia are in Ferrara for a wedding that may have great import for both of them. Lucretia is to marry Isabella's brother,Alphonso d'Este, bringing two powerful houses together.

The celebrations are lavish, the feelings of the ladies perhaps more ambiguous.


a programme of renaissance music and

story-telling - more detail in the brochure







During the Covid two years we played a lot, but just the two of us, at home. We made tapes for organisations, kept in touch with other musicians through a variety of social media,wrote new programmes and are now rehearsing this year;s new event.

Welcome back to all our audiences.

January and February 2020

We will be playing Italian music for the exhibition of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci

on Tuesday January 28th (all day)  at The Queen's Gallery, Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.

and on Wednesday 26th February, we will be giving a performance of our 'Fragments' programme,

a mixture of music and imagined texts around the life and times of

Leonardo da Vinci

Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival 2019


Richard and Vivien Jones bring this event to The Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival fresh from providing renaissance music for the Leonardo da Vinci  exhibition - A Life in Drawing - at the Kelvingrove  Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow, part of a nationwide commemoration of the 500th anniversary of his death. The programme features an arrangement of a rebus - a musical  puzzle found in the margins of one of Leonardo’s notebooks, and goes on to explore other historical fragments of music and the characters who listen to them. The programme is created as a conversation between players and audience, illuminated with music. Actor, Sarah Dhesi, voices the characters and soprano, Barbara Gibson, adds empathy to the madrigals and chansons in the performance.  

Sunday 26th May

A’ the Airts, Sanquhar. DG4 6BL

1.00 pm   Tel : 01659 50514

 Tickets can be bought online 

or from Midsteeple Box Office  Tel: o1387 253 383 or to book, e-mail

pay and collect on the door        £7.00/6.00 inder 16

7.30 pm Saturday 1st June  : Threave Garden Visitor Centre. Castle Douglas  DG7 1RX   Tel : 01556 502575

Tickets can be bought online

or from Midsteeple Box Office  Tel: o1387 253 383 or to book 

e-mail - pay snd collect on the door

£10.00/6.00 under 16

DG Arts Live Tour 2019

'The Music of the Spheres'

renaissance music and text in celebration of the great astronomers

(and one or astrologers) of the 16th and 17th centuries)

Sunday 28th April :: 2.30 pm

Ellisland Farm Heritage Centre. DG2 0RP Auldgirth.

and at Dumfries Museum, on November 11th,

concurrent with the transit of Mercury across the face of the sun.

music on viols, recorders, guitar and percussion and some songs

Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival 2018

A newly imagined text with appropriate renaissance music

Mary Seton and Mary Stewart,

and a friendship that lasted as long as their very different lives

This is the third and final episode, told in words and music, 

of a love story that began at the court of Mary,Queen of Scots,

and continued beyond her death. 

Four viols, four recorders, renaissance guitar and flute




Dean Castle 2016



....late notice,

but Dean Castle is a lovely environment

for renaissance music





....and now on September 25th

at the Wigtown Book Festival 2016

3.00 pm Sacred Heart Church


- take the weight off your feet, close your eyes

and ride blissfully on the music and the tale  -




In this most atmospheric of great houses

in the year of the 450th anniversary of the visit of

Mary,Queen of Scots - this was a chance to be captivated

by a love story at her scattered court...




Summer 2016

in The Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival


by audience request - a sequel to our 2015 programme

(A Shadow Love) with a new text and music.


The concert will also be given at

Traquair House, Innerleithen (25th June)

and at the Wigtown Book Festival (25th September)











'A Shadow Love' came

to the Wigtown Book Festival

where audiences took

a break from the books in this intimate venue







SUNDAY 24 MAY, 3:00 PM. £8



SUNDAY 31 MAY, 3:00 PM £8.00



Bringing the renaissance to life.


The Galloway Consort tell the tale of a love story set at the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, with a newly written text illustrated with 16th century music from Scotland, France and England, played on viols, recorders, lute, renaissance guitar, and voice.

Local Ticket Outlet: Midsteeple Ticket Office. Dumfries. 01387 253383

or Vivien Jones e-mail: Tel: 01461700396











The consort has a large collection of instruments on which they reflect the versatility and variety of their renaissance counterparts. The instruments include recorders, crumhorns and shawms from the wind band and viols, lute, vihuela, rebec and renaissance guitar  from the string band with a variety of percussion such as bells, bones and tabors. Programmes are designed to entertain and enlighten audiences in a light-hearted manner. 


Ambient Music : viols, lutes, recorders and the softer reed instruments suitable for banquets and other social gatherings where people want to be able to talk without raising their voices, but can still listen to the music when they choose too.




Recitals : complete collection of instruments and the presence of singers conversant with renaissance singing practice. The consort can offer several recitals on different aspects of Renaissance music - its instrumentation, its role in society, its repertoire - the consort has created other recitals linked to specific places and characters (James IV at Falkland Palace, Mary Queen of Scots at Dundrennan Abbey) This kind of recital can have a theatrical element and can be tailored to suit a particular location.






Music for weddings and celebrations in historic locations : the consort will tailor their presence at your special event to meet your needs and desires exactly.



Lecture/Demonstrations : The consort has created educational programmes for schools and colleges, for museums and music clubs, and for Historic Scotland and the National Museum of Scotland. Such programmes include opportunities for participation and cover such aspects as music in society, construction and development of instruments and the music they played. Programmes can be tailored to all ages of children and abilities of adults.



The consort has a rich experience in adding colour to events including pageants,

banquets, processions, plays and revels. Almost any possibility can be discussed. They are always pleased to take the opportunity to reproduce both the spirit and the practice of 16th century musicians at their work.


Progagrammes for 2014






Nine performances in 2013